A functional and fashionable handbag. FINALLY!


The Product


Women on average carry 25 items to work in their handbags, every day. Most bags on the market have just one pocket! Bags that have detailed organization are boxy, bulky and overly complex. It does not have to be that complicated. Ankita, Rochelle, Sonia and Molly are busy at work to bring you the perfect tote. 

We Understand. 

Life and work are unpredictable. You have to be ready for every scenario. 

That means you need to carry a bunch of stuff everywhere, everyday. 


The Details

  • Exterior: 100% Italian pebble-grain leather
  • Interior: Spacer Neoprene
  • L 13.5" x H 13" x W 6"
  • 10" handle drop
  • 1" handle width
  • Fits up to 6" diameter water bottle or travel coffee mug
  • Weighs 2.5 lb

We're celebrating the Doers.

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Our Story

In the Spring of 2017, bellibone was picked out of a little black book of ideas. As a jet-setting consultant, Ankita often jotted down insights on how little changes could make our everyday lives easier. One of these ideas was the inspiration for the ‘handbag that works for you’. The concept is simple. Why can’t professional women find a tote that is sleek, stylish & light - with compartments that keep things organized? When she shared this idea with her business school classmates and soon to be co-founders, Rochelle, Sonia and Molly, it was no brainer, they just had to figure it out. 

The combination of function and fashion for the perfect work tote has been elusive so far, but not for much longer. The trio have been hard at work over the past year working through designs, materials, marketing plans, and business models to deliver a product that is both high quality and affordable. As women co-founders, they have also tried to work with other women professionals on product design through production.

We're Inspired.

By women like you. And all the others out there who are the self-made, independent, professional women - unafraid to tie their hair up and get things done. 

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Our Name

Bellibone is an Old English word that is derived from the French phrase ‘belle et bonne’ – meaning beautiful and good. The word was used to describe women as beautiful and good. We fell in love with the simplicity of the phrase. As women we aspire to be beautiful and good in all facets of our life. So, we thought, we should build a brand that meets the aspiration of its owner – nothing more, nothing less.


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